Greetings Gardena Saints,

Hello again family and friends and welcome to September where school is back in session and people are enjoying the fall change of schedule – we hope. We are entering into our fourth year as host for Pacific Lutheran Jr. & High School, and we are encouraged to say that their enrollment is up over the past three years. In continuing with our vision for Christian education in the South Bay, we want to support the special group of students and faculty who represent Jesus on our campus. We pray another blessed school year for PAC-LU students and faculty.

This September affords us with five Sundays so our lineup will be packed and informative. Depending on which calendar you use, Rosh Hashanah lands on three separate sets of days this year. The Torah calendar says it’s on 8/30-9/1; the Equinox calendar says it’s on 9/23-24; and the Gregorian calendar says it’s on 9/29-30. So whichever calendar you use, just remember, this is the season of our Lord’s return, a high watch season. As a result we are preparing yet another wonderful banquet on Sunday evening, September 29th at 6:00pm. It’s a rehearsal to honor the three Fall feasts of the Lord. Please sign up early as seating is limited.


Our month of Sunday sermons for September:

9/1 - “A Piece of the Cross”

Jesus said that if any man desire to come after Him, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow. This three step process is going to be our focus in this sermon. The discipline of taking up (carrying) one’s cross is a spiritual life challenge.


9/8 - “A Piece of the Cross” (Part 2)  

We all carry a portion of our cross in those things that we deal with in our flesh. The Apostle Paul referred to it as ‘his thorn.’ While each of us has thorns, we are grateful to God for His delivering power, we still must carry a piece of the cross.


9/15 - “Prepare the Harvest!”

Pastor Kevin Moore will be bringing us another powerful word from God’s Word challenging believers prepare ourselves spiritually for the harvest and how we are to help others to get ready for the Lord’s return. Get ready for the Word!


9/22 – “Daniel 12”

 If ever there were a brief picture of a pre-tribulation Rapture from the OT it would be here. The OT Prophet Daniel, through the eyes of biblical prophecy, was able to describe the tribulation and resurrection of both the saved and lost. It’s enlightening and true!


9/29 - “The Feast of Trumpets”

As is our custom here, we will be covering the first of the Fall feasts of the Lord with the Feast of Trumpets, a type and shadow of the Rapture of the Church. It’s always good to refresh our hearts on the promise of the Lord’s return for us.


We will be hosting Gardena Beautification Day on Saturday 9/21 from 7:30am till noon. We will be clearing the alleyways between 182nd and 178th Streets. It will be as fulfilling as it is dirty. Well end with ‘all you can eat tacos’ at Mas Fuki Park. On this same day we will also be hosting a Community Craft Fair with over 50 vendors from 8am till 3pm. Come be part of the ministry, the cleaning of garbage, the fellowship of believers, and the purchasing of crafts.

We look forward to another great fall season as we endure all the ongoing crazy that seems to lead our news. We know Who holds the future and we know He holds our hand. God Bless His Church; all those people who call Jesus their Lord. Get ready for a powerful September!

Pastors Rob & Debi Lee

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